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Our company specializes in global sharing of business information. By connecting markets in all areas of the continents, we do engage in presenting business opportunities to our clients in markets they are focusing. Through business connections and introductions, high-value networking events and country focussed sections in various international magazines and newspapers, we are communicating the market status and current business developments to our clients in matching markets. If you are looking for a provider within a specific sector of in your target market, we facilitate market research and information, as well as introductions to your counterparts. Explore our areas through our website or contact us for more specific requests.

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We are in constant search of motivated staff with expertise in Business Journalism, Editing, Research and Sales. Send you application including references to hr@global-business.org


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Business today operates on a complex global platform connecting not only diverse corporate cultures. languages and business practices, but also requires an understanding of government policies and management strategies. An organization's success in today's world is depedent upon its ability to conduct business effectively across diverse cultures, time zones & borders.